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Terrorism incubators trying to release chief terrorists in Diyala

1909 03:00:00 2006-10-14

Buratha News Agency – 12th October 2006

Mr Ibrahem Hassan Al-Bajelan , head of Diyala governing counsel, held the responsibility of the paralysis in the normal life in Baquba city and its surrounding on some of Diyala  representatives in the parliament and their followers and supporters in the counsel who allowed  the terrorists to thrive and increase their power in the state by their announcements and letters through the media and satellite channels. They even forced their own law on the normal people and government employee and push them into the blood shed circle.

Markets and streets of Baquba are still empty for the second day and even schools and utilities offices scared to open from the Punishment squads belong to the Diyala’s Mujahedeen who distributed leaflets threatening with death sentence for anyone disobey this Ameer’s decision.

Diyala representatives in the parliament Saleem Abed Aljubori and Ameer Habeb Al-Kayzaran from the Accord Front and Mohammed Aldayni from the National Dialogue Front  had organized an orchestrated media propaganda  against the arrests accompanied  the quick response operation by the defence ministry. The media propaganda claims that the operation, which is planed by defence ministry and conducted by the army Fifth Brigade and National police last week, targeted the religious and social pillars according to the parliamentarian group. According to the defence ministry they arrested those suspects for their roles and responsibilities in conducting , supporting and financing terrorists attacks i.e assassinations and sectarian cleansing witness by this state for last 3 months with 4000 families displaced and 2000 civilians victims and tens of victims from the security forces.

Previously delegates represented the unified front of the Diyala Iraqi clans, lead by Abas Al-Meshahadani met Special Forces brigadier Shakeer Al-Kabeei to stop their operation and release the detainees in particular Ex-Breigaier Atta Hadi Al-Sadoon who is responsible for the sectarian cleansing in Khan Beni Saad area and sheikh Hassan Al-Mulla who was previously arrested by multi national forces. The clan front also asked the Brigadier Al-Kabeei to return the weapons confiscated following the fierce fire exchanges with the detainees in Bezaiz Buhrez area and Kenan area in the first day of the quick response operation, but these demands were refused by the supreme national security counsel in Diyala and from the Fifth Brigade.

On the other hand, a security source in Diyala announced that a terrorists group had shot a school teacher called Khuthier Al-Taiee in the south of Al-Tahreer area. Terrorists attached the teacher to the electricity pole and shot him in front of ten of residents who were looking terrifying through the windows of their houses.

Also terrorists assassinated social security manager called Fenjan Khalaf and his son in Buhrez town. Victim Ali Hussain Al-Rubaiyei, who works in the establishments security guards, was killed in the same twon.

In Al-Khalees town a group of terrorists attacked the house of Mr Nehad Kareem killing him with his three sons Hassan,Kareem and Ahmed in Al-Mahmoudiya near Lions village on Baquba- Al-Khaless main road. was killed in the same twon

اشترك في قناة وكالة انباء براثا على التلجرام
اضف تعليقك
الاسم والنص والتحقق من الروبوت ضروري
الاسعار الرسمية للعملات مقابل الدينار
دينار بحريني 3125
يورو 1315.79
الجنيه المصري 75.19
تومان ايراني 0.03
دينار اردني 1666.67
دينار كويتي 3846.15
ليرة لبنانية 0.79
ريال عماني 3125
ريال قطري 326.8
ريال سعودي 317.46
ليرة سورية 2.32
دولار امريكي 1190.48
ريال يمني 4.76
ابو نور الفاضلي : جزاكم الله خيرا رزقنا الله واياكم ولايتها في الدنيا و شفاعته في الاخرة بحق محمد وآل محمد ...
الموضوع :
سيده في ذمة الخلود  
ضياء حسين عوني محمد : بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم اني مواليد ١٩٥٩ طبيب بيطري استشاري تمت احالتنا للتقاعد بموجب التعديل الاول لقانون ...
الموضوع :
مجلس الوزراء : موقع الكتروني لإستقبال الشكاوى وتقديم التعيينات
محمد عباس : يثير قلقي هذا الاطراء على مصطفى الكاظمي فكيف ترضى امريكا على شخص ما لم تكن تعرفه جيدا ...
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بومبيو يهاتف الكاظمي: واشنطن ستمضي باعفاء العراق من استيراد الطاقة الايرانية 120 يوما
محمد عباس : يثير قلقي هذا الاطراء على مصطفى الكاظمي فكيف ترضى بريطانيا على شخص ما لم تكن تعرفه جيدا ...
الموضوع :
بريطانيا: نتطلع للعمل مع حكومة مصطفى الكاظمي
محمد عباس : يثير قلقي هذا الاطراء على مصطفى الكاظمي فكيف ترضى امريكا على شخص ما لم تكن تعرفه جيدا ...
الموضوع :
المبعوث الأميركي السابق للتحالف الدولي ضد "داعش : أتمنى لصديقي مصطفى الكاظمي التوفيق في دوره الجديد كرئيس وزراء العراق"
زيدمغير : إعدام المجرمين المحكومين في السجون هو ضربة لداعش المدعوم صهيونيا وعربيا . متى يوقع رئيس الجمهورية قرارات ...
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اهداف ومدلولات الهجمات الارهابية على صلاح الدين
Nagham alnaser : احسنت على هذا المقال الي يصعد معنوياتنا من كثرة الاشاعات ...
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هل توجد معطيات ميدانية لانهيار الدولة العراقية بحجة عدم تمرير المُكلَّف؟!  
مرتضى : هية ماخلصت الموجة الاولى بعد .. الله اليستر على بلاد المسلمين كافة.. اللهم انت ملجأنا الوحيد من ...
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الصحة العالمية تحذر من موجة ثانية "لا مفر منها" لجائحة كورونا