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Syria hits out at Saudi regime's lack of action to stop instigation of terrorism

1310 19:23:25 2014-03-23

 Saudi regime has not taken genuine measures to stop instigation of terrorism in Syria, which calls into question the credibility of the laws it issued in this regard, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Saturday. In two identical letters addressed to the United Nations Secretary-General and President of the UN Security Council on the Saudi regime's subversive role if Syria, the ministry refered to a raft of counter-terrorism legislations issued by the Saudi regime in a make-believe attempt to convince the international community of its genuine involvement in a counter-terrorism drive. The Saudi regime thinks that its USD 100 million contribution to finance the United Nations Counter-Terrorism center will absolve it of legal and ethical responsibility for the loss of thousands of lives, and will cover up millions of dollars it pumped to support terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere in the world, said the letters. The letters indicated that "combating terrorism requires that words match actions, i.e. that legislations are issued and put into force. Consequently, the Saudi regime by not taking real measures to stop instigation of terrorism and deter the fitna-mongers who issued calls for Jihad in Syria and elsewhere in the world in answer to the call of al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Zawaheri in October 2013 reveal these laws to be grossly lacking credibility." The Saudi regime continues to spread Wahabi thought which underpins the crimes committed by terrorists in Syria where the danger lies, the ministry pointed out. "The evil triggered by Wahabi thought had not remained confined to Syria but boomeranged on all strata of Saudi society'' the letters added. "It is therefore not odd that thousands of Saudis, including university professor, doctors, engineers and employees have embraced the al-Qaeda-linked Wahabi thought due to the regime's efforts to foster it in society" Blinded by mass media and social networks awash with Wahabi indoctrination, those people have taken their leave from their families, lives and future to come to Syria to kill with impunity under what they call Jihad, said the ministry. The ministry added that Jihad is the fruit of political fatwas with a religious façade that are so detached from the teachings and values of Islam "and a confirmation of the Saudi involvement of supporting terrorism." The ministry said Syria will supply the United Nations Security Council and the relevant counter-terrorism committees with the IDs of 228 Saudi terrorists got killed in Syria. The letters dismissed Saudi vows to punish those involved in combat operations in Syria upon their return as "cheap media propaganda" that ought to be replaced by real measures. "In this connection, the Syrian government stresses its right to take legal action against backers of Arab and foreign terrorists in Syria for their crimes a right which cannot be taken away by an amnesty issued by their governments upon their return'' the letters pointed out. "It is a nonnegotiable, uncompromisable and prescriptive right as stated in the Syrian laws, the international law and the international legitimacy resolutions,'' the letters added. As it submits these information to the United Nations Security Council, the Syrian government expects it to take the necessary deterrent measures against the Saudi regime to oblige it into giving up instigation of terrorism according to its resolutions no. 1267 issued in 1999, 1373 in 2001, 1624 in 2005 and 1989 in 2011. The ministry concluded by calling on the UNSC to adopt the letter as one of the official documents of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly. 22/5/140323 
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